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vRealize is now ARIA

In VMware Explore we got to know about VMware ARIA which is nothing but a rebranding of vRealize Product ? Really? No! its more than that, with ARIA VMware is now moving its vision into reality of being a multi-cloud SaaS Company.

And why the name ARIA "The word is used to describe a piece for voice. That piece could be an instrumental accompaniment or be solo, and is usually part of a longer work, like an opera. Sing with One Voice."

So what's there in ARIA for customers ? "Aria delivers a unified management solution for cloud-native apps and public cloud. Aria Hub powered by Aria Graph gives customers a near real-time map of apps and clouds and this allows customers to do true multi-cloud mgmt and to support end-to-end solutions in the areas of migration, guardrails for cloud governance, and business insights across cost, performance, and security"

Here are some highlights of AIRA

  • Unified view of apps across clouds

  • No more swivel chair management

  • Federation across multiple tools, including 3rd-party

  • New end-to-end services (migration, guardrails, business insights, etc

Here is the ARIA announcement at VMware Explore 2022

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