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Introduction to Firewall Rule Accelerator and Troubleshooting tab

Setting up Hybrid linked mode was a multi-step process as I explained in my previous Blog post Hybrid linked mode . VMware has integrated some new features and tools with VMware Cloud on AWS to eliminate few steps and customers can perform majority of the pre-checks before they implement Hybrid Linked mode.

Let's Check these cool features

1) Firewall Rule Accelerator : Correctly setting up a firewall rule is a Crucial step for network communications to happen correctly, When we start with HLM setup between onprem and VMware Cloud on AWS vCenter there are few firewall ports which we need to open as mentioned in my previous post Hybrid linked mode . VMware has introduced Firewall rule accelerator feature on the Networking page of the SDDC. This feature will eliminate the process of remembering and creating the correct firewall rules for the features like HLM, vMotion and SRM at VMware Cloud on AWS side.


  1. Log in to the VMC Console at

  2. Navigate to the Network tab of your SDDC.

  3. Under Management Gateway, click IPsec VPNs.

  4. Click Firewall Rule Accelerator.

  5. The Firewall Rules Accelerator opens.

  6. From the VPN (Remote Network) drop-down menu, select the remote (on-premises) network that you want to create firewall rules for.

  7. The Firewall Rules Accelerator displays the rules that will be created.

  8. Click Create Firewall Rules to create these rules.

How will you identify what all rule FRA (Firewall Rule Accelerator) has created ? The answer is simple whatever IPSEC VPN you have selected in above steps all the firewall rules created by the accelerator will start with that name.

2) Troubleshooting Tab : A new troubleshooting tab is introduced in the SDDC Page with this tab we can run a Pre-check for the HLM setup, where we can check the connectivity from Cloud vCenter to Onprem components (DNS, onprem vCenter, AD server, PSC and ESXI) This test will involve ping, port and name resolution for different components, which are important for HLM setup.

You just need to enter the on-prem details of different components and Click on Run all Tests.. It will Show the Results and we can straight forward work on the resolution to fix the issues before implementation.

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