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Day-3 VMware cloud on AWS SDDC (Software-Defined Data center) an Overview

The first and very basic step for start using VMC on AWS is to create an SDDC. Once that is done you will be able to do multiple tasks with your SDDC and start using your VMC cloud vCenter (this is just the first step).

When you deploy an SDDC on VMware Cloud on AWS,

  1. it is created within an AWS account and VPC dedicated to your organization and managed by VMware.

  2. You must also connect the SDDC to an AWS account belonging to you, referred to as the customer AWS account. This connection allows your SDDC to access AWS services belonging to your customer account.

Now let's understand the basic topology of VMC SDDC

  1. Management network & Management resource pool : This is used for SDDC's management components Like Esxis, vCenter VM, NSX components (Customers will not have any or very limited control over these components. These are entirely managed by Vmware)

  1. Compute Network & Compute resource pool : This is will be used by compute VMs which user/customer will create by accessing VMC vCenter through HTML client(Customers will have maximum control on this).


Management Gateway (MGW): This is nothing but an NSX Edge Gateway instance which has a Public IP assigned (from AWS Public IP address pool) and internally connected to your Management component's network. This will provide outside world (North-south) connectivity to your management components Like vCenter and NSX Manage. You can assign a network address block for the internal communication of Management components while creating the SDDC (Remember this should be an existing network in your environment that you are planning to connect to the VMC SDDC Later.)

Compute Gateway (CWG): This is an NSX Edge Gateway for North-south connectivity of compute resources (Virtual Machines) by default a default logical network is already there however you can create new logical networks once SDDC is deployed and you have access to vCenter. This Default logical network will use IP address of Range

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