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Day -1 with VMware Cloud on AWS

Alright, so now we know, what VMC on AWS has to offer us .. Let's get started with Day 1 !

First of all you will contact VMware Sales team and choose the subscription from different plans available here.


One of the best part of this solution is that you are getting dedicated hosts & each host has 2 CPUs, 36 cores, 512GB RAM, NVMe attached flash storage (3.6 TB cache plus 10.7 TB raw capacity tier). Minimum required configuration is 3 hosts per cluster (as of now) VMware has plans to facilitate one node cluster in future so that testing of the solution will be easy and cost effective (there is an HOL available if you want to give it a try however it is limited to the SDDC view only, you will not be able to use the vCenter link).

VMware has listed a Pricing calculator as well so that it will be easy for someone who is looking for TCO based on his requirement.


Ok so coming back to day 1 now, once you contact the sales they will setup the account for you and you will receive an e-mail invitation containing a link that you can use to sign up for VMware Cloud on AWS account. (This link can be used only once.)

When you sign up for the service, an Organization is created with an Organization ID and Organization Name. You are designated as the Organization Owner and can invite other users in your organization to use the service.

Lets understand what an organization or org is

VMware Cloud on AWS accounts are based on an Organization, which corresponds to a group or line of business subscribed to VMware Cloud on AWS service, you can further create your SDDCs in this organization . Remember that the VMware Cloud on AWS Organizations that you create or are a member of has no relationship to AWS Organizations.

By default the first user is always an organization owner who has access to all the resources of the Org. this user can further invite other users and assign them roles as Org Owner or Org Users (By default only org owner can invite other users).

If you have a My VMware account, you can use it to create an Organization Owner account after you receive the invitation email. If you don't have a My VMware account, you are prompted to create one during account creation. (if you are using an existing account make sure you update your profile correctly missing information in profile may lead to an error.)

steps to invite other users

1- Log in to the VMC Console at https://vmc.vmware.com.

2- Click the services icon ( ) at the top right of the window, and select Identity and Access Management. You see a list

of all the users currently in your organization.

3- Click Add Users.

4- Enter an email address for each user you want to add, separated by a comma, space, or a new line.

5- Select the role to assign. n Organization Owner. n Organization Member.

6- Click Add

Once users receive the invite from org owner they can accept the invite and create their account for VMC on AWS.

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